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Aadhuraa Special School is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) established in 2004 by Mr. G. Ravishankar to assist the children with differently abled.

Our school is designed with modern equippment to assist children with differently abled can experience a safe, comfortable and holistic environment to achieve better result. The dedicated and experienced staffs are appointed to provide needed service to the well being of children. The school provides education, therapies and training for all kinds of children with developmental disabilities. The children are engaged to entertain many different activities throughout the day. Ample opportunities are providing to each child to socialize, interact with the others and to become independent in community. The children are exposed to both the individual and group sessions.


Our Values


The mission of Aadhuraa Special School is to identity the differently abled children's talents and nuture, provide appropriate education, early rehabilitation services, ensure basic needs / rights, equality, focus the development, finanicial and psychological support. Additionally, create awareness among public, empowering parents, volunteer training, rehabilitation professional development, achieve proper diagnosis and establish outreach centres.


  • Even laymen would be able to recognize and explain signs of disability and understood the necessity of taking proper habilitation program and special education at an early stage itself.
  • Almost all the children with disability will be appropriately diagnosed.
  • A sufficient amount of outreach centers will be established.
    • For children who live far away from the primary centers.
    • Educate the parents to recognize the condition at an early stage.
    • Providing personalized support for the parents and autistic children.
  • Outreach centers will exist with following provisions:
    • Medical care, Occupational therapy, special education, physiotherapy, counseling and other medical supports.
    • Day care cum habilitation center for children ages of 0 to 14.
    • Residential care cum rehabilitation center for children ages of 8 to 20.
    • Vocational training center for adults above 20 years.
  • Research center to motivate scholars to find new devices and appliances to assist the children.
  • Families with disability children will be financially and psychologically supported to take care of their children at home. And children will develop to their full potential and be challenged to do so by their community.


What we offer


Occupational Therapy

Sensory Integration & Developmental Therapy


Speech Therapy

Speech & Communication Therapy



Neuro Developmental Therapy


Special Education

Individualized Educational System

Day care

Vocational Training

Skill Based Career and Technical Education


Residential Facility

Safe, Comfortable and Holistic environment


Tamilnadu Chief Minister Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme

Our school in empaneled in Tamilnadu Chief Minister Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme to provide therapies to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. In this scheme, we are providing Speech therapy, Occupational therapy, Physiotherapy, Behavioural therapy and Special education at free of cost. If you want to know more about this scheme, please do not hestitate to contact us.

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In rural India a child born with a disability is destined for a life of dependency or a holy thing. Also, children with disability can be a social, financial, mental and physical burden to their families. Because of poverty, parent’s lack of knowledge and awareness about the condition, these children do not get the appropriate assistance that they need. Further, in our nation this is more a social issue than a medical one. As physically and mentally challenged children are considered as a stigma and are hidden behind the walls of their home or throw them out as a begger. Consequently they do not attend any form of school and do not get any kind of treatment to alleviate their condition. Habilitation and rehabilitation services do not reach the children with disability in the country side. Due to the high level of illiteracy and poverty, the families are not patient enough to tolerate long term treatment procedures. Further, these children generally require occupational therapy, speech therapy and special education to improve their quality of life, but the resource centers are far away from the country side. Hence, the transportation cost and time spent for travel are further barriers to receiving adequate treatment. Most of the children with disability are naturally posses some exceptional talents. Along with difficulties, they bring their individual strength along with special skills to attain a noble achievement. And they proved to the world that they are not disabilities, they are differently abled.

Almost 75% of the children admitted in our school who are belongs to poor socio-economic and illiterate family back ground. The parents are not able to financially afford to their child's education, therapies, medicine, transport, assitive devices, extra curricular activities and even proper nourished food. But the children are capable to return to a normal, useful and meaningful life like other children. They are born with extra ordinary talents, uniqueness, skills and abilities. The school identify such children and provide adequate opportunity to achieve their quality of life. To sum up, we prevent the disability in the second stage and as a part make our INDIA to glow.

If we receive a small contribution from you, we will render a vital and rewarding role in our challengable task. We humble request you to provide sufficient fund to meet our noble cause. Join with us, your generosity can make difference and a ray of hope for some one.

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Aadhuraa Special School

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